Mark Maček

Furniture Maker

My name is Mark Maček. My workshop is Maček Furniture Company.

I’m a designer and craftsman of custom wood furniture, based in Austin, Texas. All commissions are made-to-order, unique, signed and dated.

I was educated at The University of Texas at Austin, School of Architecture. After apprenticing with master craftsman Louis Fry, I opened Maček Furniture in 1995. I also teach woodworking and design at the UTSOA.

I build modern furniture that is comfortable and original. The great advantage of designing AND making is the cumulative effect the two have on each other. The design influences the crafting, which then gives information and improvements back to the design. The revised design then re-influences the craft, and so on. Designer/builders refer to this experience as the poetics of construction. Furniture should be a pleasure at every stage of its existence.