Texas Woodworking Festival

The Texas Woodworking Festival is a event that can best be described as a mix of a beer festival and a woodworking-themed farmers market. We bring together local woodworking organizations, content creators, furniture makers and tool manufacturers for a day of food, drinks and all things woodworking. This event has another purpose though. The Texas Woodworking Festival is produced by the Austin School of Furniture & Design. Profits and donations from this event help the school to continue offering classes to the next generation of woodworkers and furniture makers.


Started in 2018

The Texas Woodworking festival happened for the first time in April, 2018 and was originally called the Woodworkers of Austin Spring Social. We only had about 10 vendor and a few hundred attendees. Wow! This event has really grown.

Community Oriented

The Texas Woodworking Festival was started as a way to bring all the woodworking Meetups and organizations together for one large event. It has expanded in so many directions to bring the woodworking community together from across the USA.

Why Join Us?

Come support the woodworking community, meet fellow woodworkers, grab some great deals on tools, trade stickers, meet your favorite Instagramers, drink a craft beer and have an unforgettable time at the Texas Woodworking Festival.