Kelly DeWitt

Creative Director

KKDW is a woman-owned business founded by Kelly DeWitt in 2012. As a team of passionate designers and fabricators, we share a love for creating fully immersive environments. We offer a full-service solution for businesses looking to bring their concepts to life. Our nimble and resourceful team is dedicated to creating spaces that are warm, inviting, unique, and true to the client’s vision.

Our robust in-house fabrication team and a full interior design studio streamlines the design and construction process, reducing costs while maintaining a breathtaking aesthetic that captures the essence of each brand. Everything in a KKDW-designed space is custom-made and tailored to fit the client’s specific needs.

We are a team of creative, collaborative, and innovative thinkers who believe in the power of design to create spaces that inspire, engage, and make a lasting impression.