Jonathan Katz-Moses

KM Tools was born over 10 years ago when one man decided to fulfill his dream of becoming a master craftsman.

Jonathan Katz-Moses followed his passion and went from making small jewelry boxes in 2014, to running a 5,000 sq ft woodworking shop with over 11 paid staff.

During that process, he bought and used a heck of a lot of tools, but most of them ended up being a huge disappointment. After wasting time and money using tools that didn’t work and following half-assed design plans, Jonathan decided there must be a better way.

That’s when KM Tools was born! Jonathan created a YouTube channel dedicated to high-quality woodworking tutorials and instructions. With nearly 400k subs and over 45 million views on YouTube, it’s safe to say that these trainings and resources turned out to be pretty damn valuable.

Jonathan also began creating his own woodworking tools, one of which inspired Steve Ramsey to crown Jonathan the ‘King of the Dovetail joint’.