Harvest Lumber Co.

Harvest Lumber Co.

Sawmill & Lumber Retailer

Harvest Lumber Co. is an urban sawmill and lumber retailer owned by professional woodworkers, Kris Burns and Andrew Danziger. Located in East Austin since 2017, we produce kiln dried lumber cut from downed trees in the Austin area. Harvest offers a variety of unique wood products, from shelving to giant slabs, as well as a selection of basic woodworking supplies.

Harvest began as a response to a valuable resource not being used to its highest potential. A common way to dispose of urban trees is to chip them up into mulch. Our goal is to prevent this fate by milling them into usable lumber. We accept any species as long as the trunk is at least 18 inches in diameter and free of significant rot.

Working with arborists, tree companies and the City of Austin’s Urban Forestry department, we collect the trunks of downed trees. Back at Harvest, the logs are milled into various thicknesses, stacked to air dry for 3 to 12 months, then moved to the kiln, for 3 to 6 weeks. Once completely dry, the lumber is sorted and moved to our lumberyard and showroom where customers are invited to shop.

We have a wide variety of species available, but quantities vary. Our current inventory includes American Elm, Cedar Elm, Pecan, Sycamore, Red Oak, Post Oak, Loblolly Pine, Black Walnut and Pear. We are happy to provide guidance as to what each wood variety is best suited for.

Harvest Lumber Co. provides wood to professional woodworkers, hobbyists and DIYers alike. We look forward to helping you begin your next woodworking project however big or small it might be.