Ethan Abramson

Started in Brooklyn, NY in 2008, Ethan Abramson produces its own line of furniture as well as custom commissions for residential and commercial projects.

Owner and head designer Ethan Abramson’s creative process allows for the materials to influence designs as much as the function does. This balance leaves pieces with a true sense of origin and purpose, something rarely seen in mass produced furniture.

“The process of building a piece of furniture is just as important to me as how it looks in the end. All the solid wood I use had a story before it came to my shop. My goal is to build on that story, to see the characteristics in the wood and what it wants to become. I think of my work not based in machines and numbers, but as a completely creative process, as if I am painting.”        — Ethan Abramson

Today the shop is located in Long Island, NY, but the guiding principles are still the same. All furniture is handcrafted on site, built using a blend of classic and modern woodworking techniques. Wood from reclaimed sources or sustainable foresting is used whenever possible. Pieces are protected with a hand applied all-natural finish. Designs and shop practices are built around the idea of minimal waste, re-purposing, and environmentally conscious production methods.