Elizabeth Weber

Hi, my name is Elizabeth and Icosa Woodworks is a one-woman shop run by me in Seattle, WA.

I have always loved wooden objects, and I look for ways to add vibrancy and movement to the things I create. I like to use color and shapes in all of my products, which includes bowls, earrings, spoons, and furniture.

As a civil engineer by trade, I love crafting things that are both unique and timeless. I especially love the problem-solving that woodworking presents.

The name Icosa comes from icosahedron, a twenty-sided polyhedron that is used in Plato’s philosophy to represent water. With my background being tied to water resources, Icosa ties into a lot of what I love: math and water.

You can follow me for updates and current projects on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/icosa_woodworks/